Sell Your Tampa Office Furniture to Us

Home to everything from companies working with MacDill AFB to Wikipedia’s central server farm, Tampa is a city that houses a variety of industries. Based around the port, Florida’s most active by tonnage, Tampa is one of Florida’s most dynamic cities.

And as Tampa-area companies grow and change, they find themselves growing out of their office furniture.

Maybe it’s just outdated, maybe your company grew so fast you simply needed more; but once you’ve replaced it, you want it out of your office. And that can be harder than you think.

The worst option is to simply keep it or take it with you. There’s no point in something just mouldering in your storage space when it could be put to good use elsewhere, or at least gotten out of the way.

Throwing it out isn’t really a great option, except for the most worn out and useless of furniture. Office furniture in good condition is worth money, first of all, and it’s only good business sense to want to reduce liabilities and increase assets. So, paying a junk company to take your old furniture away (or worse, paying the freight and disposal costs for a solid waste disposal company to haul it out to the dump) makes accounting departments and entrepreneurs alike wince.

Some choose to give it away, perhaps to a charity or to a business they’re incubating. But again, this isn’t as simple as picking up the phone and seeing your furniture whisked away. Charities have very specific needs and may not be able to pay for removing all of your furniture. You do get a tax write-off for the value of the furniture donated, but the credit may not be worth the aggravation of trying to write it off in the first place!

Which brings us to what would seem to be the most sensible option: Selling it. But whether you choose to advertise online or through the Tampa Tribune or Tampa Bay Times, whether you put it up as a lot on an auction site or try to sell it through the want-ads, there’s no guarantee you’ll successfully move the furniture. If you sell to someone who isn’t local, you’ll have to arrange for packing and shipping. And there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to sell everything. Bookcases and file cabinets may go quickly, but what about a conference room table?

If you’re thinking that there has to be a better option, there absolutely is: Contacting Nationwide Office Liquidators. We’ve got the experience to handle any job and work to your timetable, not the one of some person from the Internet you don’t know. We’ll come in, price the job, and move out the furniture quickly and efficiently so you can collect your money and focus your time and energy where it needs to be: on growing your business. So if you’re sick of dealing with your old office furniture, contact Nationwide Office Liquidators.