About Us

Our process is simple: When large amounts of office furniture become available, we come in and take a look at what’s available. Office furniture that can be resold we buy as a lot. We quickly clear out the space — furniture, equipment and miscellaneous items — and then make it available to office furniture dealers as a Liquidation.

We can do one floor or a 50-story building, and meet any deadline needed. We can bring in a crew of 100 workers if needed, to clear our huge quantities of furniture and equipment in one shot. We also do project management, business relocation, as well as asset management and storage.

Our business model is good for everybody involved, from the furniture’s current owner to the final customer taking it back to their office.

Businesses get to turn a liability (and sometimes an enormous headache) into an asset to offset the costs of moving or closing.

Dealers get quality furniture at a price much lower than the original sale and are able to pass those savings onto businesses looking to add to their offices. This means those businesses can put more money back into their budget, and invest in employees and growth.

And all of us benefit from less waste sitting in landfills — it’s even better for the environment.