Sell Your Office Furniture to Us in St. Louis

St. Louis is a far more dynamic city economically than those not living there may realize. Even with all the changes in the economy over the last few decades, the city remains a bastion of American manufacturing with its location along the Mississippi River making it a key point for shipping what St. Louis makes. It’s crucial to logistics in the area as well. In addition, energy, health care, brewing and other industries contributed to a $133 billion GMP in 2011.

That level of economy, and an ever-shifting larger economic picture, means that new businesses appear and old ones wind down in St. Louis at an extraordinary rate. More often than not, that means that entrepreneurs are faced with a serious question they weren’t quite expecting to deal with: What to do with the furniture they’re replacing as they move to a new space?

Generally, the plan falls into three broad categories, all of which can be more problematic than you might think:

Dump It

The first, and sadly common, solution is to either just leave it in the old office or throw it out. The former may not be workable for a very simple reason. The terms of your lease might forbid it, and that might mean a few months later you’ll have a bill for furniture removal in your mailbox, or possibly a court date depending on the landlord and new tenant. Throwing it out, though, will cost quite a bit more than you might think. Office furniture is built to last, which means it’s heavy and bulky.

Give it Away

The next idea is to donate it to a new business that could use the furniture, or to a charity appointing its office space. It’s a nice idea and it might even net you a handy tax deduction at the end of the year. However, that will require more legwork than just contacting the first charity you think of. Charities have very specific needs and even if they do need what you have, they may not have the funds to come take the furniture away.

Sell it Yourself

Finally, many people decide to just try and sell it themselves. They take out advertisements in St. Louis Post-Dispatch or the St. Louis Business Journal, put up ads on Craigslist, or individually list the furniture piece by piece on auction sites. The drawbacks to this approach can be summed up with one question: Do you have the time to figure out how to pack up and ship your conference table?

Why let your old furniture take away time and resources? Call Nationwide Office Liquidators instead. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, we can handle any job, whether you need us to sell all the furniture in an office tower or just one floor as your growing small business moves out. We’ll pack it, ship it out as a lot, and give you fair market value for everything from your file cabinets to your cubicle sections.

Don’t let your old office furniture become a liability: Turn it into an asset with Nationwide Office Liquidators.