Sell Your San Jose Office Furniture to Us

San Jose is well known as the capital of Silicon Valley, but there’s a lot more to the city than just high tech. San Jose is not just a tech center, but a strong educational center and post-graduate magnet, and also plays strong roles in state government and health care in the region.

As a result, especially with the tech sector growing and shifting faster than the eye can see or the economist can measure, companies in San Jose are opening, growing, altering focus and winding down at a rate that it can be hard to keep up with. Among the flotsam floating in this turbulent economic ocean is office furniture.

How often do entrepreneurs think about the office furniture they buy? Probably not very often. As long as the chairs are comfy and the desks can hold up the thin laptop and the networked phone, office furniture fades into the background as a common part of office life. That is, until you find yourself trying to get rid of it.

If you pick up a copy of the Mercury News and flip to the want ads, you’ll likely find somebody listing their office furniture for sale, either as a lot or piecemeal. A quick visit to Craigslist or, if somebody is really desperate, Freecycle, and you’ll find even more ads. They’re often posted by people who have to meet the terms of the lease or just want this stuff out of their office’s storage, and yet are completely unable to get rid of it. Why?

Much of it comes down to simple economics. Office furniture, especially used office furniture, can be difficult to get rid of because it’s a specialized product, in a specialized market, with pretty severe marketing difficulties. Take, for example, those ads in the Mercury News. While you can potentially reach thousands of people advertising there, how many of them would be interested in buying a lot of office furniture? How many of them would be willing to pay the price you want for it, or even market price?

Go online and honestly, financially it just gets worse. True, you can reach all sorts of specialized markets on the Internet, but as anybody who works for an online retailer can tell you, packing and shipping objects, especially heavy ones, is costly. Sure, you can have the customer pay for it, but it’s also time intensive. It doesn’t help that much that office furniture is difficult to ship out. Can you imagine the cost to ship, for example, a conference table?

Is there an alternative for entrepreneurs who just want the furniture out the door, preferably making some of their money back on it? There is: Calling Nationwide Office Liquidators. Nationwide Office Liquidators can remove the furniture from any size office, whether it’s a multi-story location in an office tower or a small office in a suburban business park. You’ll get fair market price for your furniture, meaning you just place the call, answer a few questions, and let our team into the office. We’ll take care of the rest. Don’t let office furniture drain your time and resources. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today.