Sell Your San Francisco Office Furniture to Us

San Francisco enjoys a humming economy defined by much more than just the high-tech industry the city has become famous for. Tourism, banking, biotechnology and above all, small business, makes San Francisco one of the key cities for business in the United States.

Especially thanks to the city’s rapid start-up culture, where businesses can either suddenly explode in growth, be acquired by a larger company, or wind down as its employees move on to new opportunities, there’s a surplus of used office furniture floating around the city. Once you find yourself with some, it can be much harder to get rid of than you think.

Technology entrepreneurs will think, of course, “To the Internet!” and it’s certainly possible to sell used office furniture on the Internet either through San Francisco’s own Craigslist or through auction sites such as eBay. But while finding a customer may be a relatively simple process, it’ll be fulfilling the order that entrepreneurs will find tiresome. Packing and shipping an office chair takes more time than you might think, time that you need to dedicate to your business, not to getting rid of furniture you no longer need.

The next resort is to aim locally, again through local sites or spending some money advertising in the Chronicle or the Examiner. But advertising locally not only limits your customer base, it can be surprisingly expensive. Even in this digital age, putting ink on paper can set you back quite a bit of money, and that advertising can eat into your returns far more easily than you may think.

What about cost-neutral methods? You could give it away instead of selling it, or perhaps donate it to a charity. Both are viable options, but again you’ll run into problems. As anybody trying to get rid of, well, anything for free on the Internet can tell you, “free” isn’t quite the magnet for deal hunters you might think, especially when it comes to used items. Similarly, you may find yourself dealing with people who are a bit difficult about the finer points of used furniture.

Charities may be able to accept some of your furniture, but only if they have a need, and only if they can afford to take the furniture in the first place. You may spend more time than you realize on the phone, attempting to get somebody, anybody, to take this furniture off your hands.

When all else fails, and it often does, you can choose to throw the furniture out. But, again, the costs might surprise you. Office furniture is heavy and many waste disposal companies charge by weight, especially if you have so much furniture to throw out you fill a dumpster. It’s also not very environmentally friendly.

There is, however, a better alternative: Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, all you do is call us and let us inside. We’ll appraise the furniture and assemble the team needed to get it out the door quickly and simply, and you’ll be paid fair market value for the furniture you gave up good money for. Don’t let your furniture weigh down your office or the environment. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators.