Sell Your San Diego Office Furniture to Us

San Diego is a busy city built around multiple industries, ranging from defense to a burgeoning clean technology industry, putting the city on the cutting edge of one of the more important economic opportunities of the twenty-first century. As a result, San Diego businesses are changing and growing at an incredible rate. But often, even the most nimble and modern business trips over an obstacle they were never expecting: Getting rid of their old office furniture.

Companies don’t usually think about their office furniture until they have to move everything out to meet the requirement of a lease or a similar situation. There are three options most have to take, none of which are appealing financially: attempt to sell, attempt to give away or donate, or throw it away.

The most obvious option would be to sell it yourself, but this has pitfalls you may not expect. First of all, it can be difficult to sell all of your furniture in a complete lot. While you can sell your furniture piecemeal, that can be a drawn-out process, depending on what customers you get for your used furniture. And there will be costs regardless of which sales method you use: eBay will require you to pay for packing and shipping, even factoring that into the price. Newspapers like U-T San Diego or the North County Times will obviously need to be paid for any advertising you place, and for any hope of effectiveness you’ll need to advertise for at least a week. There’s little guarantee that either will find you enough customers to sell all the furniture.

Next there’s simply giving it away. While this has the advantage of offering either a net zero cost to your business or a tax credit (depending on who you donate or give your furniture away to), the issue is that every disadvantage of advertising on Craigslist, Freecycle, or soliciting a charity is also present in donating it. You may not be able to locate enough people to take all of it, and charities may simply not have the need or the capacity to take large amounts of furniture. Especially if you need to remove the furniture for legal reasons — such as a lease — it’s simply not a reliable method, and potentially one that disrupts your business as potential shoppers come in and out.

Finally, there’s simply throwing it away, which does have the advantage of making sure that every scrap is out the door. The problem is that you get absolutely no fiscal advantage from it, and in fact will need to pay a surprising amount of money to truck away your old furniture. This option may not be fiscally reasonable for smaller businesses, and it’s hard to blame any entrepreneur for having an allergy to red ink.

So, make sure it all goes out the door and puts some money on your books by calling Nationwide Office Liquidators. We’ve got the team to evaluate, remove, price, and sell any lot of used office furniture, regardless of the size of the job. Why spend money when you could make it? Call Nationwide Office Liquidators.