Sell Your Office Furniture to Us in San Antonio

San Antonio’s economy is built on four strong pillars: Tourism, defense, financial services and government. The defense industry alone contributes billions to the city’s economy, and it’s one of Texas’ key financial centers. In addition, the city has an aggressive incentive infrastructure that helps drive small business and keeps the city on the cutting edge of innovation.

Tending to fall off that cutting edge is office furniture. San Antonio is home to thousands of businesses that, as they grow or wind down, find themselves with office furniture they don’t want. What used to be something you barely thought about can quickly become a burden all its own.

Office furniture is difficult to get rid of, even if you choose to throw it out. First of all, it’s heavy and bulky and often built to last. That’s good in the sense you get value for your money, but if you’re trying to throw it out, you’ll find that you have to pay for the privilege. The sheer amount of weight means disposal costs will take money away from the business you’re working to grow. Also, it’s difficult for any entrepreneur to see potential value simply thrown away.

Some choose to donate it in order to help out a cause they believe in and help bolster the community, but this can be almost as much work as throwing it out. Charities have specific needs at specific times, and if you have a particularly large lot of office furniture, it might not be possible for a charity to take it off your hands. You might find yourself giving some of it away and throwing the rest out, which is hardly a viable solution for anybody, particularly the charity you were hoping to benefit.

Selling it is a possibility, but selling furniture, especially in a bulk lot, can take more work than you might at first suspect. Generally, selling office furniture would start with the San Antonio Express-News, where you’d have to advertise for at least a week to find any credible customers, and you’d have to slowly expand.

Newspaper advertising may be more successful than Internet advertising, solely because anybody can look at an ad online, but you have to buy a newspaper and thus are a little more committed. However, it can still be difficult to find a buyer. You may ultimately be forced to sell off the furniture piecemeal to different buyers, which creates another problem. It’s one thing to sell, pack and ship an office chair. But a conference table? That’s another matter entirely.

If you feel like there should be another solution, there is: Contacting Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, we’ll appraise the furniture you need removed, hire the workers, take it to our warehouse, and give you fair market value for your office equipment. You can turn a liability into an asset and a potential source of aggravation into a minor problem. If you’ve got old office furniture, whether it needs to be taken out of your old office or taken out of storage and sold, contact Nationwide Office Liquidators.