Sell Your Portland Office Furniture to Us

Portland is uniquely suited to business, with a diversified economy to match. With a major port and heavy transportation infrastructure, Portland houses a wide range of industries. It’s famous as the Silicon Forest, of course, but it also boasts truckbuilding, athletic shoes, clothing, brewing, and steel as other key industries.

This means that Portland is seeing growth at an unprecedented rate, and that also means that there’s plenty of office furniture floating around as companies outgrow their offices, close, or have their needs change, making it difficult for companies to get rid of the old furniture and bring in the new.

Some try to give it away, but getting rid of all your furniture can be tricky. Charities may not have the funding or capability to accept all of your office furniture, especially if it happens to be a large lot of items. While the tax credit can be useful for your company, it may not be worth the time you’ll have to sacrifice in order to get it, as you call various companies and attempt to find somebody who can take what you have.

Another alternative is giving it away to the general public, but this has its own pitfalls. Office furniture tends to be specialized equipment that won’t fit well into many homes, or that your average man on the street just won’t have a use for. Again, you may find yourself able to get rid of some of your furniture, but it’s unlikely that all of it will find a taker, even at the price of free.

Selling it to a local business as a lot is a possibility, but remember that you’ll need to advertise for at least a week in the Oregonian or the Portland Tribute, and classified ads can be costly with little guarantee of success. Furthermore, you may find yourself stuck in the exact same spot as attempting to give your furniture to a charity or just giving it away, period, with some of it sold and some of it still eating up space in your office. You might be able to sell some of it online, but that will require packing and shipping, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

In the end, much in the way of old office furniture is either trucked to the new office and tossed into the back of the storage space, or thrown into a dumpster, which means you’ll have to pay for it to be disposed of. If entire offices of furniture are thrown away, the total cost can run into the thousands for the business getting rid of it.

But there is a way to get rid of your old office furniture fast and keep it from eating up space, time, and cash: Calling Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, we quickly and efficiently evaluate, pack, ship, and pay for lots of used office furniture, whether it’s a handful of desks in a small incubator or a massive cubicle farm. So don’t let your office furniture mold in storage: Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today.