Sell Your Pittsburgh Office Furniture to Us

Ask somebody what Pittsburgh does best, and they’ll likely reply “steel.” In truth, there’s much more to the city of Pittsburgh than just steel mills, even though steel is still a part of the city’s economy. There are over 1,600 tech companies in Pittsburgh from giants such as Google to small start-ups. It’s a major healthcare center, a key player in the higher education industry, a city with strong roots in finance, and it’s even becoming a center for petroleum and natural gas.

As a result, Pittsburgh is constantly seeing new companies open, established companies expand, and companies wrapping up as their personnel pursue new ventures. That means there’s yet another industry in Pittsburgh, although many involved in it are reluctant players: Used office furniture.

Open the Post-Gazette or the Tribune-Review to the classifieds and you’ll likely find somebody hoping to get rid of a collection of office furniture. The problem is simple. How do you sell, or get rid of, the furniture without it costing you more to sell it in the first place?

It’s trickier than you might at first think. To start with, in many situations, it’s preferable to sell the furniture as a pre-packaged lot instead of piece by piece. If you’re wondering why, simply stop and imagine for a minute the time you or your employees will have to burn packaging a collection of cubicle sections. How about lugging your conference table down the stairs? Who’s going to take all this stuff apart?

It makes selling it yourself online a difficult task. You’ll have to set aside time and resources to move these heavy and bulky objects, properly pack them, and get them out the door. That’s both a task that has substantial risk for liability if one of your employees gets injured, and it may not offer much in the way of return on your investment.

Even if you limit it to local sales, you can still find it a challenge to sell the furniture at a fair price. Take, for example, that ad in the Post-Gazette. Newspaper advertising, despite the rise of the Internet, is still a highly effective method of reaching out to some markets, but it’ll still cost you quite a bit. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a response, leaving you out the money and still stuck with the furniture. That’s not even getting into the difficulties you can have with a person you don’t know well coming to your office or attempting to negotiate in bad faith.

If it seems impossible, or at least too demanding, there is a far better option: Calling Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, we take your furniture as a lot. We pack it, ship it, and pay you for it so that you can put your focus and resources on your business. You get fair market value for your used furniture, and we can take on any lot whether it’s the small office you’ve grown out of or several floors of an office tower. Don’t spend time you don’t have on furniture you don’t need. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today.