Sell Your Phoenix Office Furniture to Us

Phoenix is a city of business. High tech, telecommunications, aerospace, hospitality, finance… all make their home in a city considered by CNN and Money to be one of the best places to launch a small business. As a result, growing businesses and businesses winding down alike face an unusual, but surprisingly difficult, challenge to overcome: Office furniture.

Every business large and small hits a point where it has office furniture it no longer needs. And it would seem to be a simple process to dispose of it. But it can be a lot trickier than you may at first think.

There’s only one certain way to remove all your office furniture in one fell swoop: Throw it out. Anybody with a mind for business is wincing at the very idea, and for good reason. Office furniture isn’t cheap, and throwing out something you spent good money on when you didn’t even try to recoup the cost just is not good business. Adding insult to injury, waste disposal is expensive. But it might be tempting after you attempt to make some money on your office furniture.

Many businesses will opt to sell the furniture as a lot by placing ads in local newspapers. If you open the Arizona Republic or the East Valley Tribune, you’re likely to find at least a few ads selling a collection of used office furniture among the want ads. But there’s no guarantee a want ad will work, and you’ll have to run it for at least a week to garner any attention.

Online auction sites may be able to help you sell some pieces, but it can be difficult to sell the furniture as a lot, especially if you’re shipping pieces across the country. It will also eat into valuable time and resources you or your employees could be using to grow your business; packing and shipping even an office chair can be surprisingly time-intensive.

What about giving it away? That has pitfalls as well. An open giveaway posted online will attract thrifty shoppers, true, but also various unsavory types that you may not want to spend time or energy dealing with. Charities may be able to use some of your furniture, but they may not be able to take the entire lot, and they may not have the coordination or resources to quickly get it out the door. If you’re trying to fulfill the terms of a lease, or simply get the furniture out of a storage unit, giving office furniture away may cost you a lot more than you might think.

Fortunately, there is a method that gets all your old and unwanted office furniture collected, priced, and that gets you a fair price for your goods: Using Nationwide Office Liquidators. Nationwide Office Liquidators will quickly grade and price your furniture, put it together in a lot, transport it away, and help you get back some of your investment. Large or small, we can easily put together the team for any job and make it simple for you to get back to business. So don’t let old office furniture waste your time and money: Call Nationwide Office Liquidators.