Sell Your Philadelphia Office Furniture to Us

Philadelphia is well-known for its prominence in both the financial and legal industries, with several major law schools in the area, the headquarters of insurers such as Colonial Penn and CIGNA, and the Philadelphia stock exchange. However, Philadelphia is home to far more than just finance and law. Oil refining, food processing, health care, and biotechnology are all major industries in the city, contributing to a gross metropolitan product of $343 billion in 2010 alone.

This means there’s an entire separate industry in Philadelphia, complete with its ups and downs and difficulties: Office furniture. Thanks to the city’s growth, there’s plenty of used office furniture available. With small businesses opening and growing, it can be hard to sell your used furniture, even at a cut-rate price.

It’s really a problem of supply and demand when you break it down, and it adds up to a hard time selling.

While there’s plenty of demand for office furniture, finding a local need and filling it can be difficult, especially if you’re getting rid of the furniture in one large lot. A quick look at the Inquirer or Daily News will likely find at least a few people attempting to sell lots of used office furniture, and likely having little luck. Aggravating the problem is the fact that newspapers ads are far from cheap, and can rapidly eat into whatever you get for the furniture.

Of course, any entrepreneur will ask why you can’t use the Internet and go a bit farther afield. You can, but this comes with its own problems. First, it’s even harder to sell a complete lot of furniture online than it is locally, because you still have a fairly limited customer base. The problems of marketing also still present themselves; there are more customers on the Internet, but more sellers, as well.

You can choose to sell it piece by piece, but that will mean hours of packing, shipping, and paperwork, resources most of us would rather dedicate to our actual business. It may also mean months of listing your furniture online. While it’s relatively easy to sell a desk chair in decent condition, selling a pallet of cubicle sections can be another matter entirely. This is before potential risks such as a buyer acting in bad faith.

All too often, selling your furniture yourself boils down to selling your time for pennies just to clean up an office annoyance. It’s far too easy to lose more in resources than you get in return.

Should you throw it out or toss it in storage for another day? No, just call Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, we have the experience and the team to quickly remove any size lot of office furniture. We’ll give you fair market value for your old furniture and take it away ourselves. All you need to do is put the money on your books and let us into the building. If you’re tired of dealing with your office furniture, leave it to Nationwide Office Liquidators.