Sell Your Nashville Office Furniture to Us

Nashville is probably most famous for Music Row, and it is the second-biggest center for the music industry in America. But there’s much, much more to Nashville than just the Grand Ol’ Opry. Health care, government, automotive manufacturing, publishing… Nashville enjoys an enormous variety of industries that define the city well beyond just its tourism and vibrant music scene.

Business in Nashville moves at a rapid pace, and often as a business grows out of its old office or an entrepreneur decides to wind down a specific business in favor of a new opportunity, even the savviest find themselves dealing with getting rid of used office furniture.

Office furniture is heavy, bulky, and often designed for a specific purpose. It’s one thing to sell the furniture everybody needs, but moving a bunch of cubicle sections? That’s a challenge for even the shrewdest business.

Should You Sell It?

Most businesses start by trying to sell off their furniture, whether as a lot or individually. And there are certainly all sorts of options for selling it off, but they all have drawbacks. You could advertise in the Tennesseean or online on the Nashville Post, but you’ll need to pay for at least a week of advertising in order to expect any results, which aren’t guaranteed. You also have no guarantee of selling it as a lot, especially if you’re under time constraints. Selling it on eBay is possible, but you may find yourself packing and shipping dozens of pieces across the country, which is about as fun as it sounds and can take away time you need for your business.

Should You Donate It?

Some choose to attempt to give it away to a charity, but as anybody who’s tried this can tell you, it’s a lot harder than making a few phone calls. Especially for large lots of furniture, charities simply may not be able to take all that you’re offering, if they’re even looking for furniture in the first place. While you may be able to give some furniture away to a business you’re mentoring or donate it to friends, it can be just as labor-intensive and time-intensive to give something away as it is to sell it.

Should You Toss It?

In the end, many frustrated business owners either toss their old office furniture into storage and try to get to it later, or simply throw it out. Both, however, will cost you: Throwing away large amounts of furniture can be surprisingly expensive, especially since it’s heavy, and junk collectors may charge quite a bit to take it off your hands. As for storing it, keeping old office chairs on site isn’t only pointless, it’s a waste of rent better used elsewhere.

So, is there any hope whatsoever for getting rid of this furniture? Consider contacting Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide, we’ve got the experience to evaluate, price, and quickly ship out anything — from an office tower to a small business. We’ll put together the team, we’ll provide the removal, and we’ll quote you a fair price so you can turn your old furniture into assets for your business. Don’t let old office furniture waste your time and money: Contact Nationwide Office Liquidators today.