Sell Your Minneapolis Office Furniture to Us

The city of Minneapolis has one of the most robust economies in the United States. It’s one of the major financial centers of the Midwest, a major transit point for logistical operations and shipping, and the home of retail giant Target. Minneapolis is key in industries ranging from publishing to insurance, high tech to agriculture, making it a thriving metropolis economically.

One of the side effects of being a major economic powerhouse is a busy used office furniture market. Browsing through Finance and Commerce or the Star, you’ll probably find ads for everything from small lots of used office furniture to enormous ones that can kit out an entire office tower. If you pay close attention, you’ll likely find those ads are going unanswered.

Why? The reality is that getting rid of used office furniture is tricky at best. Often, in fact, it winds up getting thrown out. While selling your old office furniture yourself is certainly possible, it’s often a task that winds up costing you more money than you’ll get back.

The basic problem is that office furniture isn’t really designed to leave the office. Most people, especially in the modern era, have no need for file cabinets, and it can be difficult to sell bulky conference tables and other specially designed furniture. True, people will always need office chairs, but unless you had a very unique office, it’s unlikely that’s all you’re trying to sell.

Some try to donate their office furniture for a tax credit, which can be effective, but the needs of a charity are important here. You’ll need to find a charity that actually needs office furniture in the first place and has the resources to come and remove that office furniture. Both can be a bit of a tall order depending on what furniture you have and the nature of the charity. Some will use websites such as Freecycle, but this has still another problem attached to it beyond losing the tax write-off. How much do you want total strangers who saw a posting on the Internet coming to your office to poke around your things?

Many, especially if they’re required by their lease to completely clear out the items they have, find themselves resorting to the method any entrepreneur likes the least: Contacting a “junk” collecting company to remove the furniture or even paying to have it thrown out. Even this has its drawbacks. Often for a job like this, the removal company will charge extra for the weight. It’s even worse if you have to pay for a dumpster. Pick-up, drop-off, fuel surcharges, tonnage…you can wind up paying far more to get rid of the furniture than you paid to buy it in the first place!

Is there a better option? In fact, there is: Calling Nationwide Office Liquidators. Nationwide Office Liquidators has the experience and the manpower to price, remove, ship and sell your furniture, taking the job off your hands. Instead of paying for the privilege, you get fair market price for the furniture, saving you time and resources and giving you a little extra for your business. Don’t waste time on old office furniture. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today.