Sell Your Milwaukee Office Furniture to Us

Milwaukee is a city famous for its beer and television shows like “Laverne & Shirley,” but there’s more, much more, to the city’s economy. Situated along Lake Michigan, the city has a substantial shipping and logistics presence, and an enormous presence in health care with more than a quarter of the workforce in the medical industry. Finance, heavy manufacturing such as Master Lock, agriculture and much more make Milwaukee one of the key economic hinges of the Midwest and a major contributor to American industry.

New businesses are appearing and growing into new spaces while older businesses are quietly winding down as their founders seek new opportunities. That means there’s plenty of used office furniture that established businessmen and hungry entrepreneurs alike suddenly find themselves saddled with and not sure how to get rid of.

Disposing of old office furniture can be a tricky proposition, and no matter what method you choose, it’s going to take away from two crucial resources.


As we all know, it costs money to make money and selling used office furniture on your own is no exception. For example, if you choose to simplify everything and sell the furniture as a lot locally, you’ll likely be advertising it in the Journal Sentinel, and newspaper advertising will need at least one week to get any viable customers. If you choose to sell it online, you’ll have to charge for, or pay out of pocket for, packing and shipping.

Even if you choose to throw it out, you’ll wind up paying for the privilege. Office furniture is heavy and bulky, and even junk companies will charge you to take it away. In fact, hiring and filling a dumpster may set you back more than what you paid for the actual furniture!


More than the loss of money, though, you’ll feel the loss of time. There are so many hours in a day, and used office furniture conspires to suck as much of it away as possible. For example, if you plan to donate the furniture to a non-profit cause you believe in, you may find you have to make a lot more phone calls than you expected. Many charities can’t accept gifts that they can’t make any use of, and may not have the funds to come get the furniture that they want. You might find yourself spending time you need to focus on your business instead trying to get a bunch of office chairs and cubicle sections out the door.

Save yourself money, save yourself time, and above all, save yourself some aggravation and call Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide, there’s no job that’s too big or too small; whether you need an entire building cleared out or just a small office, we’ll handle it. We’ll save you time as well. All you need to do is call, point us to what you don’t want, and we’ll take care of the rest. Instead of spending money, you’ll get fair market value for your used office furniture. Get that furniture out the door and get back to the work you care about. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today.