Sell Your Miami Office Furniture to Us

Miami has always been a city of beauty, but also a city of hard work and industry. In addition to being a popular shipping port and a tourist mecca, it’s also growing in a surprising number of areas, including a growing film and television industry. That pace of growth means that Miami sees business open and grow, and wind down and close, at a torrid pace. And that often leads to a problem: Used office furniture.

Whether you’ve got to get it out because you’ve replaced it, or you have to remove it as part of a lease agreement, used office furniture can be a problem that strikes right when you don’t need it, filling up storage space and draining resources from your business and time from your employees as it’s moved around and you struggle to find space for it.

Beyond the physical annoyance, there’s the financial problem. Any good business owner wants to turn liabilities into assets where possible, but how do you do that with old office furniture? It’s a tricky question with few good answers.

Some, for example, hit on selling it, which is a good idea but difficult … and possibly more expense and time than the furniture is worth. Advertising in the Miami Herald or Miami New Times is common, but you’ll need to buy at least a week’s worth of ads to gather any sort of response, and there’s no guarantee what you’ve paid for will result in any sort of sale.

Online sales offer a similar problem: Even if you do manage to sell all your furniture as a lot, you’ll still need to pack and ship what you sell, a laborious process to put it mildly. And if you wind up selling it piecemeal, you may find you have a new and unwanted business on your hands, taking energy away from the business you really want to focus on.

Could you give it away, whether to private citizens or to a charity? It’s a possibility, but, again, one that can have long odds of success depending on your situation. Charities offer tax deductions for your donation, but first you need to find one that needs office furniture, which isn’t necessarily easy to do. Just giving it away on a website such as Freecycle will at least attract attention, but you may find yourself managing large groups of people showing up, and they may not bother to actually leave with any furniture!

All too often, your old office furniture will wind up moldering in a storage area in your new location, or, if you simply don’t have the space, you’ll have to write off the cost of having it trucked away by a junk company or waste disposal corporation.

Fortunately, there’s an option that saves you time, money, and aggravation: Contacting Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, we’ve got the team and experience to handle any job, no matter how much you have and what kind of furniture. We’ll get it packed up, shipped out, and sold quickly, with minimal work from you or your employees. Just give us the key and we’ll take care of the rest. Turn your old furniture into cash for your business today: Call Nationwide Office Liquidators.