Sell Your Memphis Office Furniture to Us

If you’ve ever bought anything off the Internet, it’s probably been through Memphis. Sitting at the intersection of major highways, air transit networks, and water transport, Memphis send out more cargo than almost any other city on the face of the earth and is the central hub for Federal Express. However, there’s far more to the River City than just logistics and shipping. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food processing, paper products, and even manufacturing all contribute to Memphis’ growing economy.

That creates a small industry of sorts that quite a few Memphis entrepreneurs find themselves involved in, if involuntarily: The second-hand furniture market. As businesses in the area grow, change, and wind down, often their owners find themselves with a complete collection of office furniture that needs to be removed from the premises either to meet the conditions of a lease or just to get it out of the storage area and make room for new furniture. But getting rid of used office furniture can be trickier than you think.

Selling It

Pick up an issue of the Commercial Appeal or the Daily News and you’ll likely find an ad for used office furniture. The problem with this method of selling office furniture is that, if you want to stay local, you’ll need to pay for advertising in local newspapers and on local websites, which can easily erase any profit you make selling the furniture. If you decide to post it on auction websites, you’ll need to either include packing and shipping or be able to get it cheaply, otherwise you may soon find yourself even deeper in the red!

Giving It Away

Another common thought is to donate the full lot to charity, or at least reduce your costs to net zero on the furniture by giving it away via sites such as Freecycle or Craigslist. But these methods have their pitfalls as well. Many charities simply won’t be able to accept a large lot of office furniture; they may have need for some of it, but it’s unlikely they’ll need everything you have. You may also need to transport it to them, depending on their location and funding situation. Similarly, giving it away raises the question of how much you want people you don’t know hanging around your office.

Throwing It Out

Of course, you could always chuck it in the nearest dumpster, but unfortunately, that has its own unpleasant surprises. For example, especially with a large lot of furniture, you may be forced to hire your own dumpster with the attendant fees, fuel costs, and rental arrangements that come with it. You’ll also be required to pay tonnage. Even “junk” services will charge you by the truckload for removing your furniture, and the bill can pile up quickly.

All of this can take up time you’d rather spend on your business. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators instead. Nationwide Office Liquidators has the experience to assemble a team of movers, get the furniture out the door, and pay you fair market price, saving you time and making you money you can use to grow your business. Get rid of second-hand office furniture the smart way and Call Nationwide Office Liquidators.