Sell Your Louisville Office Furniture to Us

Louisville is famous across America for the Louisville Slugger, a point of considerable civic pride. However, it’s not just baseball that keeps Louisville’s economy humming. Medical technology and health care, such as heart transplants, are a major industry. Louisville, famed for its bourbon, has managed to retain its spirits industry while many cities have seen them go. It serves as a central hub for UPS and lying as it does on three major highways, has considerable logistical significance. It has a mix of small and quirky businesses that those new to the area might not know about, ranging from its thriving small business scene to the oddball fact that the majority of the world’s disco balls are made in Louisville.

As a result of this diverse and growing small business culture mixed in with Fortune 500 companies, Louisville has quite a lot of used office furniture sitting in office storage units or waiting to be pulled out as a company leaves its old location for newer offices. That doesn’t mean, unfortunately, that it’s easy or simple to get rid of it.

A simple paging through the Courier-Journal will likely yield at least two or three ads where a large lot of used office furniture is for sale, and the ad has probably been there for a few weeks. This brings us to the first problem of selling used office furniture yourself: marketing. Whether you choose to stay local or put it on the Internet, you’re still going to have the problem of finding your market and making sure that said market knows your furniture is for sale.

This is also costly, In fact, it’s not uncommon, especially with large lots of furniture, to find yourself only making back what you spent to find a buyer or even losing money on the deal in the long term.

The third problem is the fact that selling something, especially something used, can be time consuming. First you’ll have to screen the customers themselves for serious clients, and then you’ll have to let the furniture be examined to ensure that there aren’t any problems. Then you’ll have to haggle over price. All of this assumes the buyer is local. If not, you’ll have to factor in time to have everything packed and shipped and make sure that packing and shipping costs are including in the pricing.

Worst of all, this takes away time and money from your business better spent finding clients or motivating employees.

Fortunately, selling it yourself isn’t your only option. Instead, call Nationwide Office Liquidators. Nationwide Office Liquidators can handle any size lot of office furniture, whether it’s a small office, one floor of an office tower, or the entire office tower. Hiring a removal team, packing the furniture, shipping it out, selling it…all of it is handled by us. Instead of spending money on advertising and spending time trying to find a buyer, you’ll get fair market value for your furniture and the only time you need to spend is a brief phone call. Sell your furniture and focus on your business. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today.