Sell Your Long Island Office Furniture to Us

Long Island is generally considered to be a bedroom community for New York City, but economically, Long Island is its own thriving engine. Aerospace, agriculture, tourism, retail and even winemaking are all key industries for the region. Long Island’s diverse economy defines it as an economic region in its own right, separate from New York City.

This means that, at any given time, there’s an entrepreneur or businessperson on Long Island trying to get rid of their used office furniture, and they may be having a harder time of it than you might think.

The first, and most common, response is to either contact a local junk collector or solid waste disposal service and have it removed. However, this can be far more expensive than you might think. For example, to throw out the furniture, you’ll have to hire a dumpster which means fees to drop off and pick up the dumpsters, fuel surcharges, and tonnage fees. Furthermore, it’s a waste of a resource; selling your furniture means you could recoup at least some of what you spent on it in the first place.

The next impulse would be to give it away, which is at least somewhat cost neutral. Charities are generally the first stop, but charities may not be able to take your used office furniture. Charities rarely have the resources to accept things that they don’t need and aren’t going to use, and it can be hard to find a charity that will need all of your furniture. The tax write-off might not be worth the legwork you’ll have to put into finding it.

If you just don’t want to waste it, you can in theory give it away on sites such as Freecycle or Craigslist, but this comes with its own problems. You’ve got little control over who sees the ad, who responds to it, or what they take. You could very well post the ad and find you’ve only managed to get rid of a few office chairs and file cabinets.

Finally, there’s the most appealing option, at least financially: selling it yourself. This comes with its own set of problems. Unless you intend to pack and ship your furniture piece by piece and sell it over auction sites, you’ll need to find customers through Newsday or other local papers, which can be costly. You’ll also need to advertise for at least a week, possibly more, to find potential buyers. Even then, some furniture like conference tables may be difficult to locate a buyer for.

Save yourself time, energy, and aggravation. Contact Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, we provide the manpower and the expertise to remove your furniture as a lot, package it, and offer you fair market value for everything from your chairs to your specialty office furniture. All you need to do is contact us, discuss the job, and we take it from there. Don’t let office furniture clutter your storage space or drain your resources. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today!