Sell Your Jacksonville Office Furniture to Us

Jacksonville grew around shipping. One of the largest deep-water ports in the Southeastern United States, it sees plenty of goods shipped in and out, and as a result is a key city in shipping and logistics for much of Florida and the Southeast, including serving as the home city for rail freight giant CSX. However, Jacksonville is home to much more: Biomedical technology, insurance, information services, defense and military, and even tourism play a crucial role in Jacksonville’s economy.

As a result, Jacksonville has quite a lot of used office furniture for sale in the area. If you pick up today’s copy of the Times-Union and scan through it, you’re sure to find at least a few listings offering lots of used office furniture for a seemingly reasonable price. Yet, if you pick up a newspaper a few days later, you’re likely to see the same ad. Why?

The answer lies in the fact that office furniture is actually a tricky product to sell.

First of all, office furniture is a relatively narrow market, and some items are just more popular than others. While there will never not, for example, be any demand for desk chairs, other types of office furniture with more specific uses may be much harder to sell.

As anybody working in used goods can tell you, selling a used item is a bit more of an uphill battle than a new one, even with a more attractive price. Consumers have concerns about the quality of the furniture, whether it’s in good repair or not, and may dislike the lack of control over points as diverse as the lack of a warranty and the color of the furniture you’re selling.

Adding to the problem is the fact that it’s a private sale. While people engaging in private sales come away happy customers on all sides all the time, we’ve all been burned by something that’s either too good to be true or turns out to be a difficult person to work with. Many are not unreasonably a bit hesitant to repeat that experience.

Finally, there’s the wear and tear on you, the seller. Often between paying for advertising to target your audience, negotiating a price, and actually getting the furniture out the door, you come away losing more in time than you make up for in sales, assuming you get any sales at all. It creates a market so frustrating, so prone to aggravation and difficulty, that it’s not uncommon for even the savviest entrepreneur to run the numbers and decide it makes more long-term fiscal sense to just throw all the furniture into the nearest dumpster.

That’s only if they haven’t heard of Nationwide Office Liquidators. At Nationwide Office Liquidators, whatever the job, we have the team and experience to do it. Whether you have an office above a storefront or a few floors in one of Jacksonville’s office towers, we’ll pack it up, ship it out, and make sure you get fair market value for every last piece of your lot of furniture. All you have to do is call. Put your time into your business, not your old furniture. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators.