Sell Your Office Furniture to Us in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is one of the key economic engines of the state of Indiana, but beyond that it’s an economically diverse city in ways that can surprise outsiders. Everything from commercial restaurants such as Steak N’ Shake to automobile parts providers like Allison Transmission are headquartered in Indianapolis and the city sees growth in sectors ranging from logistics to retail services.

As respected companies transition to new roles in the modern economy, and new corporations rise to take advantage of new opportunities they can only find in Indianapolis, a question many weren’t expecting to answer comes up: What, precisely, should entrepreneurs do with the office furniture they find themselves stuck with?

It’s a trickier problem that it might seem at first, and it has to do with the nature of office furniture. It’s a very specific product with a very specific market that turns out to be trickier to cater to than you might think. Selling used office furniture means you have to deal with three specific problems.


Selling used office furniture can be surprisingly difficult on your own. Sure, you can take out ads online, advertise in the Indianapolis Star or even use your business network to make others aware of your available furniture. However, you’ve got to find and reach your audience and you can spend far more than you’ll actually make by selling it trying to market it, especially since you’ll need to advertise for at least a week to see any return on your marketing investment.

Limited Product Appeal

Anybody can sell off a bunch of desk chairs. There’s high demand for those. The same is true of desks and bookshelves. What about cubicle sections? Specially designed conference tables? Server racks? Not all of these products are easy to sell and have a very limited audience even among businesses that are looking for used furniture in the first place. Furthermore, they might be looking for specific brands or even a specific part that you simply don’t have. The difficulty only increases if you’re trying to sell the furniture as a complete lot instead of piece by piece.


Pricing your used furniture can be tricky. It’s one thing to move unused furniture, but how do you value wear-and-tear on the equipment? What’s a fair price for something that will last for years? Are you willing to negotiate reasonable pricing on every single item you’re trying to sell? If the buyer is distant, will they pay for packing and shipping?

All of these problems can take away from your ongoing business and wind up putting you in the red or at least making the situation more aggravating than it needs to be. There’s no need to let your old office furniture drag you down. Simply call Nationwide Office Liquidators. Whether you’ve got an entire office tower or just one office, we can come in, remove all the furniture, ship out the lot, and give you fair market value for it while you focus on your business instead.

Put some black ink on your books. Call Nationwide Office Liquidators today.