Sell Your Office Furniture to Us in Chicago

Chicago is a city thrumming with business. Companies open, upgrade, move, and close with rapid speed, and often find themselves left with a surprising amount of office furniture to get rid of. It’s not until you have to remove office furniture that you discover just how difficult doing that actually is.

That’s where Nationwide Office Liquidators can help. Whether you have a massive office tower or small business, we’ll:

  • assess the job
  • put together the professional team needed to move it out of your space quickly
  • sell the furniture to office furniture supply companies and brokers around the country

Selling the furniture as a lot turns a liability into an asset easily, quickly, and efficiently. And on top of that, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s far more effective that other methods of getting rid of your unwanted office furniture.

Other Options for Selling Chicago Office Furniture

  • Advertising in the Tribune, Sun-Times, or other newspapers can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee that you receive any contacts from an ad placed. You’ll also have to deal with potential buyers who aren’t willing to take the whole lot, or who may claim to be willing to do so until they get in the door. You’ll also have to negotiate transit, which can be tricky in of itself.
  • Local charities, contrary to popular belief, won’t just accept everything you have. Many charities may not have the room to store a large amount of furniture. Furthermore, they may not even need or want all of your furniture, and you may be left with a substantial amount to get rid of even if they accept the gift. While a charity donation can be good press and an effective tax write-off, you’ll still need to fit it into their schedule, not yours, and you may find your old furniture sits around for weeks waiting for a charity to assemble the resources to pick it up.
  • Craigslist is a powerful and useful tool, but putting up a Craigslist ad means dealing with attempted scams, spam, and unreliable would-be buyers. Even putting it up for sale piece by piece is no guarantee you’ll get any bites, and if you do, you may find yourself dealing with some exceptionally odd and unpleasant characters.
  • Selling furniture on eBay may be able to get you a vast audience, but you might be forced to sell it piece by piece. Not only will the shipping eat into resources you need to use for your business, selling off your old furniture may become a business unto itself, as employees have to pack, wrap, ship, and track everything. And there’s no guarantee you’ll sell it all.
  • And throwing it out is not only wasteful, it’s expensive, as you’ll have to pay for a junk company or waste disposal company to come and remove some heavy items. Plus, they might simply restore it and sell it themselves, cutting you out of the process entirely.

The Smart Solution

So, if you’ve got office furniture you need out the door, save yourself time, frustration, and money: Contact Nationwide Office Liquidators.