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Baltimore’s Top Office Furniture Liquidation Experts

Nationwide Office Liquidators is Baltimore’s top office and corporate furniture liquidation experts. Businesses and organizations throughout Baltimore that are either growing or downsizing have a common problem – their furniture. Once you buy office furniture, you usually only think about it in terms of its functionality. After all, you need to sit on it, store files in it, and rest your computer on it; you tend not think of it as an asset or a liability. It’s not until you need to move your office furniture as a lot that you realize it’s much more difficult to get rid of than you think. Many Baltimore-based businesses solve this problem by abandoning their furniture once the lease runs out. The problem is that this can be legally complicated; the new tenant may sue you to have it removed, or may take you to court to pay for disposal costs. So leaving it behind is a bad idea, regardless of your circumstances.

Throwing it away may be a viable option, but it’s going to be expensive. Office furniture is built to be durable, and it’s awkward to put in a dumpster because it won’t fall apart. You may be paying thousands to throw away your old furniture, and more to the point, it’s wasteful when you may be able to put it on your books as an asset.

Many others decide to give their furniture away to charity, but that’s trickier than it may seem. Charities may not be interested in your office furniture, or able to store it, so you’ll have to put in some footwork to find a charity willing to take it. And there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find a charity that will accept the furniture.

Our Office Furniture Liquidation Process

Our process is simple: When large amounts of office furniture become available, we come in and take a look at what’s available. Office furniture that can be resold we buy as a lot. We quickly clear out the space — furniture, equipment and miscellaneous items — and then make it available to office furniture dealers as a Liquidation.

We can do a small office or a 50-story building, and meet any deadline needed. We can bring in a crew of 100 workers if needed, to clear our huge quantities of furniture and equipment in one shot. We also do project management, business relocation, as well as asset management and storage.

Our business model is good for everybody involved, from the furniture’s current owner to the final customer taking it back to their office.

Benefits Of Selling Your Office Furniture

There are many reasons why you should consider selling your corporate furniture to Nationwide Office Liquidators.

  1. Dumping the furniture in the trash will cost your business money
  2. Moving the furniture is costly, time consuming and logistically challenging.
  3. Add to your bottom line by selling off your used business furniture or use the funds funds to buy new furniture for your business

The choice is clear. Why spend money to get rid of your used corporate furniture when you can sell it to Nationwide Office Liquidators!

What Does Nationwide Office Liquidators Buy?

We buy it all! From chairs and desks to cubicles, conference tables and entire private offices. Contact us today!

We Are Baltimore’s Office Furniture Asset Recovery Experts

Nationwide Office Liquidators serves businesses and organizations throughout the United States and Canada- Nationwide Office Liquidators does it all. We serve the entire Greater Baltimore area from Inner Harbor to Fallstaff, Westgate to Curtis Bay on the Chesapeake.

Contact Nationwide Office Liquidators. We come in, evaluate your furniture, and then package it as a lot. We assemble a team that can quickly come in and remove the furniture, whether you’ve got a small office or a Houston office tower. Then, we sell the lot online and offer you a fair price. We cut out the frustration and aggravation from the process, allowing you to quickly turn a problem into a solution and put money on your books.

So, instead of wasting time and money, call us. We’ll make sure you get the most value for your assets.